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Taking Chances: Reunion - Part One
Purple Butterfly
Title: Taking Chances
Author: Lady Lily Anne
Pairing: Kang Taejoon & Gu Jaehee
Rating: T/ PG-13
Length: 4-shot
Genre: semi-AU, Romance, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. The use of these individuals is in no way meant to reflect real life, except in my imagination.

Summary: After several months of successfully disguising herself as a boy, Jaehee is screwed. Her parents have found out. But something is preventing them from dragging her back to America…

A/N: So sorry for the absurd delay! No excuses, but this outtake was impossibly hard to get inspiration for, and real life suddenly got a lot busier after the last update, including broken computers and lost segments of the chapter. Please note that the main story is done, and I am only uploading outtakes/extra scenes as I gain inspiration for them. This story will be marked complete, but I am working on the final outtake requested. Hopefully that will be up by Christmas, but I make no guarantees. This is Part 1 of a request by MyLuckTookAWalk to see Jaehee’s reunion with the boys. Enjoy!

Outtake Two: Reunion - Part One

“Hello boys, it’s been a while…”

Stunned speechless at the sight before them, the boys took a few minutes to recollect themselves. The sight before them was rather jarring; they had known Jaehee made a beautiful girl – the Miss Genie High contest proved that -but it was the first time that they had seen her completely as herself, without any pretense, no matter how flimsy. With her hair cascading into shoulder-length curls and a stunning burgundy dress, they could tell that she was a girl, no pretense needed. They were suddenly quite glad that they had moved into a rather secluded clearing, where they could interact in privacy with no interruptions from outsiders. The other girls had left, not wanting to disturb their reunion because of their presence.

Jongmin was the first to recover, flashes of vindication running through him as he took in the sight. “Well, not much has changed, I see. You still look like a boy; I’m not surprised anymore that you managed to convincingly disguise yourself as one.”

The others’ mouth gaped open, barely recovered from the previous shock only to be blindsided by another. Jaehee merely laughed, completely understanding the underlying message beneath the seemingly cruel words the boy had just spouted.  “It’s nice to see you too, Jongmin. You’re looking well.” In some ways, Jaehee mused to herself, handling Jongmin was in no way different from dealing with some of the catty girls she talked to at school; most every insult contained a sort of compliment. She knew that Jongmin was glad to see that she hadn’t changed too much from how they had seen her.

At this point in time, the others were beginning to finally catch up with the situation, as it was much like it had been before Jaehee had transferred, with Jongmin flinging out barbs and Jaehee unfailingly disarming him with cheer. It was just weird seeing her in a dress and heels.

Hyunjae let out a laugh, drawing the attention of the others in the group. “Now I know why you were able to braid Hyunji’s hair so well that time she came over. Her precious Jaehee-oppa is actually her Jaehee-unnie.”

At that, her face brightened. “How is she? I missed her. Make sure she knows where I am, and I’ll spend a day with her. Hanna can go too, she likes kids.”

The boys (not including Eungyul and Taejoon) all sighed in exasperation. That was Jaehee for you, completely ignoring the tension and focusing on irrelevant topics. Then they caught onto her last statement.

“Hanna?!” They shouted in disbelief. The girl who declared herself the ‘Nation’s Fairy’, who spent so long obsessed with Kang Taejoon, and avoided children like her life depended on it liked little kids?

“What about her?” The only girl asked, honestly confused as to why they were shouting the other girl’s name.

Seungri, spoke up, coming to the defense of his girlfriend. “They just don’t believe that she likes kids, that’s all.”

Tilting her head in confusion, Jaehee asked them a question. “You do see the CFs Hanna does, right? At least 60% of them have little kids. Do you really think she would participate in them if she didn’t like them? Hanna always gets her way when it comes to what CFs she does. You should know that sunbae, you’re dating her.”

Seungri turned red in embarrassment. She did do a lot of CFs with kids. The others suddenly felt a bit stupid for not realizing this, excepting Taejoon, who had known this from a childhood of her following him around. They couldn’t even be mad at Jaehee because she wasn’t trying to be mean. Not to mention that it was rather obvious in hindsight. And then the comment to Seungri sank into their brains.

“You’re dating Hanna?!” They seriously had thought that he was still mooning over the celebrity and she was still giving him a hard time. Had he actually worn down the stubborn gymnast that had refused to look at anyone other than Taejoon?

From the way he began blushing harder and avoided their eyes while not answering them, the answer was a clearly a yes. With the way Taejoon was smiling in a relieved manner, it really was true. The implications were mind-breaking. Collectively deciding to stop thinking about it until their brains could handle that information, they went back to the idea of Hanna liking children.

“I always thought that she just did it to gain more popularity,” Hyunjae mused out loud. “But this makes more sense. I can just imagine how bad of a temper tantrum she would have if she was forced to work with kids and didn’t want to. They wouldn’t want to deal with that every time she did a CF.”

At that, the entire group shuddered, each imagining the scene. Trying to erase that scenario from his mind as soon as possible, Taejoon spoke up. “What are you going to do with Hyunji? Take her to an amusement park?”

“Maybe,” Jaehee responded. “We might if you guys have no event to participate in. If you do, we can watch and cheer you guys on and then go to a mall afterwards. You guys can come along if you want, but then Hanna will make you carry all our bags.”

They couldn’t shake their heads no fast enough. Hanna on her own was a nightmare when it came to shopping – they had all heard the stories from Taejoon about the horrors when she had dragged him along- but to have a little girl and another teenage girl to dress up? That was far beyond their worst fears and started to verge into phobia. Even Jongmin was terrified, and he was more of a shopping fanatic than Jaehee was.

“Speaking of Hanna and you and shopping, didn’t you guys do a clothing CF together? I didn’t realize you had become a model,” Eungyul changed the topic, wanting to distract Jaehee from the idea of all of them going shopping together.

Taejoon smacked his forehead. “I knew I had forgotten something,” he murmured to himself. Turning back to the others, he explained the situation. “Jaehee got scouted by my manager since she’s ranked pretty highly for women’s track for our age division. Apparently, she’s got a pretty face, so she’s a perfect option, and her down-to-earth personality endears her to the rest of the world. She and Hanna actually make a good pair in terms of comparisons for CFs, which is why they’re often paired together.”

The others stared blankly at a rather nonchalant Taejoon, and then in unison (in a rather creepy manner at that) turned their heads to stare at the furiously blushing Jaehee, and then back again. It was Jongmin who finally managed to bring himself to speak first.
“What,” he said. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement; a sign of just how done they were with everything that happened around Jaehee. They really shouldn’t have been surprised.

Seungri peered closely at Jaehee, giving her an onceover, and shook his head. “It suits you,” he offered. “I can see why she chose for you to become a model. You really are a good role model, if you disregard the whole cross-dressing scheme. Congratulations.”
Blushing even harder, Jaehee murmured her thanks, clearly showing her sincerity to the sunbae who had supported her so much during her time at Genie.

Hyunjae, wanting to break the rather solemn atmosphere, cut in with a joke. “I still find it funny, though, you lost at the Miss Genie High contest. It makes me laugh every time I think about it, especially since we all know the truth now.”

Jongmin laughed a bit derisively, still a little jealous of Jaehee. “Well of course she lost to me and my amazing abilities.”

“It was the clothes,” Jaehee said. “I know you picked them out sunbae, and they really were stunning,” She rushed to say, directing those words to the eldest of the group, smiling in relief when he nodded in understanding. “They just weren’t my style, and I wasn’t comfortable in them. I feel like that the voters could sense that, and it’s why I lost.”

Feeling a bit indignant, Seungri spoke. “Not to mention how late you were, you were almost all but disqualified. What exactly happened?”

Taejoon glared at nothing upon hearing his question. “That idiot she got into a fight with on the first day she got here stole all of her clothes while she was changing for the contest. I threatened him and got the clothes back to her, but it took too long, which delayed her arrival.”

The others stared in exasperation. “Does anything normal ever happen to you?” Hyunjae asked tiredly. “Things always happen better than expected or turn for the worse. Like your entry to the contest. You were ridiculously late, but your performance was amazing.”

Eungyul piped in at that moment, remembering one of the things that had mesmerized him when he saw her in the contest. “Were you really singing, Jaehee? If you were, you’re a really good one.”

All of them had to admit to that, even Jongmin. Taejoon, who had not attended the contest and had only heard about the results of the contest through Jaehee, was understandably confused. “You can sing? I didn’t know that,” he told her, inwardly sulking a bit at the idea that the others knew something he didn’t about his girlfriend.

Jaehee’s blush returned with a vengeance, although this time it was out of shyness and embarrassment. She mutely nodded her head, not wanting to speak.

Seungri, feeling a bit mischievous, decided abruptly, “We’re all going to karaoke and listen to Jaehee sing the first song.” Grabbing her by the wrist to prevent her escape, he led the way back to their dorms. The rest of the boys could do nothing but follow

Bringing a girl back to the dorms was against the rules of course, but Hanna had managed to get her way a while ago. And Jaehee had lived there with them for a few months. It would do no harm to have her there for a few hours. She was one of them.

A/N: This was Part One. Part Two is complete and is under revision, but will be posted on Thanksgiving. For those who don’t understand, sunbae is the Korean equivalent of senpai/sempai. I hope you enjoy, and once again, please do let me know what you think.

Reunon: Part Two

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