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Taking Chances: Chapter Two
Purple Butterfly
Title: Taking Chances
Author: Lady Lily Anne
Pairing: Kang Taejoon & Gu Jaehee
Rating: T/ PG-13
Length: 4-shot
Genre: semi-AU, Romance, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. The use of these individuals is in no way meant to reflect real life, except in my imagination.

Summary: After several months of successfully disguising herself as a boy, Jaehee is screwed. Her parents have found out. But something is preventing them from dragging her back to America…

A/N: Please note that Jaehee is referring to her birth father when she says Papa, and all other father-related terms for her step-father.

Chapter Two

“What do you mean?” Jaehee asked in confusion and dawning hope.

“Do you recall taking some sort of logic test before making your plans to come here?” her mother asked.

“Yes, but I thought it was just another part of those stupid standardized tests that we always take. What about it?”

“The government has decided to do a partnership program with other countries. Because you scored so highly on this aptitude test, they chose you as one of the possible candidates for the program. Your placement within the program was guaranteed after realizing you currently hold citizenship in both America and South Korea.”

“But what is this program, and what do I have to do?” Jaehee asked, confused.

“They want to do an exchange program, with at least one student from each country switching places for their education. As it turns out, they chose you to send to South Korea to finish high school and attend university. That test also doubled as a placement test for university, and your scores were good enough to admit you to Seoul National University after you complete high school,” her father continued.

“How is this even possible? It doesn’t even make sense,” Jaehee exclaimed. Taejoon stood momentarily forgotten in the background, bewildered at the exchange between the small family.

“When does the government ever make sense?” her mother replied sardonically. “However, you have the option of refusing it. If you accept it, then you’ll have to remain in Korea for both high school and university, while maintaining your GPA.”

“What happens if I stay?”

“You will be transferred to this school’s sister school, I believe it’s called St. Blossoms High School. We can pass you attending Genie High as a paperwork mishap caused by an overseas miscommunication, but that won’t hold unless you make your decision soon. If you take too long, it will be suspicious.”

Jaehee looked at Taejoon, to see what he thought of it. Too much had been revealed within the past few hours and she needed time to process it.

Taejoon spoke up. “I hate to interrupt, but have you also thought about where she is going to live. St. Blossoms doesn’t have dorms.”

Jaehee’s mother sighed. “No, that’s another factor we’ll have to think of. Thank you for telling me,” she said, smiling at Taejoon.

“Can I have some time to think about it? There’s just too much to consider,” Jaehee pleaded.

“You have two days,” her father told her. Rising to his feet, he turned to the others. “Let’s go back.”

Upon reaching the office and parting with Jaehee’s parents, Taejoon’s phone rang. Looking at the caller’s name, he felt the glimmerings of an idea come together. Answering the call, he began to speak. “Hello Father, I have something I’d like to discuss with you…”


The air surrounding the room was a confusing mix of tense and awkward, and starting to verge towards comfortable. It was an apt feeling, considering the convoluted relationship that the two men had shared for the past several years. Taejoon cleared his throat and began to speak.

“Father, I know we have had our differences, but I have always respected you and what you have done for me, especially know that I know what had really happened…”

Taejoon’s father chuckled in amusement. “I know you want to ask me for something, so stop trying to butter me up and just ask.”

Taking a breath to solidify his determination, Taejoon plunged forward. “My roommate is a girl,” he said bluntly. Better to get the worst of it out of the way now, he thought to himself.

Arching an eyebrow, his father simply said, “I know. Despite her rather simplistic disguise, I’m not dense enough to not see through it and recognize her as a girl. She’s actually quite noticeably feminine if you pay enough attention.” Spoken in such a matter-of-fact tone, this confirmation threw Taejoon for a loop, leaving him lost as to where to continue from this point on, and embarrassed that he in actuality was not able to see through her disguise by himself.

Realizing that he had rendered his son at a loss of what he wanted to ask him, he quickly prompted him to speak, not wanting to waste any more time on his speechlessness. “What do you want to ask me?”

Realizing that his inability to deal with the shock his father had given him had annoyed him just a bit, he spoke succinctly. “Her parents are having her transfer to Hanna’s school, but there are no dorms so I was wondering if you might be willing to host her.

Her parents are of course willing to pay for her room and board.”

“Her parents learned that their daughter transferred into an all-boys school and they’re not removing her from the country?” his father asked, understandably confused at what could be considered quite a mishap in parenting.

“They wanted to, but they can’t. She qualifies for a government partnership exchange program, and they want her to start while she’s in high school. There’s just no way for them to say no since she’s already attending school in the country,” Taejoon hastily explained, not wanting his father to get the wrong idea.

“And you’re asking about the housing for them? Why?” his father asked, knowing the answer, but wanting to hear it confirmed from his own son.

Blushing a rather vibrant shade of red, he mumbled, “I don’t want her to go.”

“Let me speak to her parents before we finalize anything. I’m sure that her parents will at least want to meet the person who will be taking care of their daughter in their own stead.” Seeing Taejoon’s expression of surprise, his father shook his head. “Did you expect me to say no? I owe her greatly after all she has done, for the both of us. Besides, it’s better to learn what she’s like now rather than in the future.”

“What do you mean by that?” Taejoon asked his father, confused by the last statement his father made, although he was also grateful his father agreed with their plan.

“If you don’t know now, you’ll understand in the future. Don’t worry too much about it.” Standing up, his father directed one last question towards his son, marking the end of the meeting between the two. “How do I get into contact with her parents?”


“Mom, I want to stay,” Jaehee told her mother.

Sighing, her mom smiled somewhat sadly. “I thought you might. It’s not just for him that you’re staying for, is it? You’re too young to rearrange your life for just a boy.”

She blushed slightly. “I do want to stay so I can keep supporting him. But it’s not only that, I just feel so much more comfortable here. I’ve made more than one real friend, and I fit in. And staying here, I feel like I’m closer to Papa than I was in America. You know I never really felt comfortable in America, and coming here felt more like I was coming back home.”

The older woman smiled a bit wistfully. “You know, when your Papa died, I really couldn’t stay here for too long because everything reminded me of him. It still does, which is why I moved us to America -to get a fresh start. But that wasn’t really fair for you, was it?”

“No Mom, it’s not your fault,” Jaehee rushed to reassure her. “I’m glad we did, because we met Dad and Daniel-oppa. Moving to America was something that was necessary for the both of us. I needed to start over too. I just happen to prefer South Korea more than America. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Well then,” her mother said, somewhat reassured by Jaehee’s explanation. “Let’s go plan this out with your dad. And don’t think that you’re getting out of punishment for your little trick; you have no idea how worried we were. I’m just glad your roommate looked out for you so much…”

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Chapter Three


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